Redesign of NITK Surathkal Website

(My friend Nitin Rao and I presented a proposal (in Jan 2006) to the Deans of NITK Surathkal pitching for redesign of our college website. The text is here; click the link below to access the slides)

Slides of our proposal to redesign NITK Website

NITK LogoAs we redesign the NITK Website, we face a unique and exciting challenge today. To capture a melting pot of cultures. To capture the very spirit of excellence. To better exploit technology to showcase our potential. For many, the website is ‘the face’ of our college. We have the opportunity of building a platform to bring together students, faculty and alumni alike to learn, share, ideate…

Our present website leaves much to be desired. We need a website that is built in an elegant and consistent manner. All departments must be given the freedom to add their own content, while standardizing on certain fields.

The needs of users are unique. Students and faculty need to be provided with personal accounts and e-mail.


  • College Administration

The administration is widely seen as using excessive paperwork in its processes. Making sweeping changes, the students must be able to use the website to communicate with various departments. The administration itself could very powerfully use the Website to improve its internal communication.

An online facility to make reservations at the Guesthouse would improve occupancy and make visiting the campus a lot easier.

The most ground-breaking idea of all is to use our Website to simplify collection of fees. Fees could be collected through ECS or a secured gateway. This would improve the efficacy of collection while freeing capable manpower.

  • Current Students

Students should seamlessly learn about courses on offer, register for newer courses or even send in an appeal for review of grades. Grades with background statistical data would help students benchmark themselves against their peers.

Students should be able to check their attendance levels. We can ill-afford to keep the parents out of such an initiative and it is imperative that they have access to this information.

Students can voice their opinions through polls and moderated message boards.

The students at NITK are fortunate to have a large library. To fully utilize its potential, the student should be able to seamlessly search through a database of books, renew existing books or make reservations for new books.

  • Faculty

Collecting faculty feedback has been both a sensitive and arduous process. Permitting students to fill faculty feedback forms online would ensure higher confidentiality and improve the credibility of the process.

A college of our repute has a social responsibility to further the cause of learning. Providing OpenCourseWare would improve our standing amongst premier institutions while giving us the good fortune of becoming facilitators of higher learning.

  • Alumni / Prospective Students

The Alumni page must have an updated database and information on Mentorship. The college could partner with the alumni in sponsoring new initiatives at the college. An alumnus must be able to use the online gateway to send in his contributions. This would sharply increase the revenues of the college, while bringing us closer to the alumni.

To attract the finest talent to our college, we must provide information for prospective students. A section on Life on Campus with sample Student Profiles & Diaries would be a great step in this direction.

Internet facility in the hostel blocks is critical to the success of this initiative. We are confident that this will be addressed very soon.

Institutions across the globe are leveraging their websites for the greater good of all its stakeholders. It is for us to recognize this opportunity and be frontrunners in this field.

~ Nitin Rao & Vikram Subramanya

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