2014: Empowerment vs. Appeasement

How appeasement politics works in TheGroundZero of Indian politics? A textbook example follows:
Here is a CM of a large state who is angling to be a PM herself, or at least play kingmaker.

  • She gives an appointment to the visiting US ambassador, announces it on her party’s website, lets her spokesmen boast highly of her national importance (because her meeting immediately follows another PM-candidate meeting the ambassador).
  • Then, she reads emails from religious fanatics, thinks of the possible impact on her votebank, cancels it after the US ambassador has landed in her city to meet her, and then conveniently denies any knowledge of the appointment.

In one shot, this bad-host-CM just tarnished the reputation of all Indian politicians in the eyes of US ambassador with such cynical political calculations.

The choice in 2014 is crystal clear, especially for India’s ~200M minorities.

  • Either go for real empowerment with education, skill development, and income-enhancing jobs.
  • Or be satisfied with such breadcrumbs from votebank obsessed politicians who wear a topi (burkha in her case), host grand Iftar parties, make trips to Ajmer at the drop of a hat, spend the entire budget for Minority Welfare dept on Haj subsidies, cancel appointments with foreign dignitaries etc. They don’t raise voice when nation is held for ransom, and are eager to create irrational fear using falsehood.

Never has the electoral choice been so crystal clear in the history of Independent India!