Pratap Simha climbs Chamundi Hills!

Fearless Kannada journalist Pratap Simha gets BJP ticket from Mysore-Coorg.


For the uninitiated, Pratap Simha has redefined Kannada journalism as we know it. He writes things as they are on topics others would rather push under the carpet in the name of secularism and socialism such as demographic change, political protection to terrorism, grander geopolitical designs behind inducement-based religious conversion, love jihad, corruption at very high places and so forth. His articles are so cutting that his life was on the radar of terror organizations. (Ref:

After Times of India took over Vijaya Karnataka (where he was a journalist), he left to Kannada Prabha (reason not known). Today, he has bid goodbye to his favorite profession of journalism. While Kannada journalism has lost a solid voice, Karnataka politics gains it.

Hope our beloved Mysoreans give him an opportunity to serve the cause of the nation from parliament. Indeed a very happy day for all Pratap Simha fans!

Congratulations and best wishes to Pratap Simha and Mysoreans+Kodavas! Way to go, BJP!

This was his facebook message announcing the unexpected turn of events in his life:

My beloved friends, YES it was a tough decision, YES i am putting my career into great risk, YES my heart is bleeding to leave Journalism, YES i am in great pains to exit from writing, that I loved most, YET I have decided to contest from Mysore-Kodagu! Mysore is Karnataka’s cultural capital n Kodagu is the land of warriors. You are my inspiration n strength. Please do support me to make NaMo as our next PM only to save great Bharat.

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