5Forty3.in, India’s newest data startup, deserves your support!

Dr. Praveen Patil is an election number cruncher par excellence. He has founded a startup (www.5forty3.in) to revolutionize how election data are collected, analyzed, and projected.


The startup has ground volunteers spread across the length and breadth of the country as we head into 2014 elections. On election days, the team reports realtime feed to the headquarters that are used to project trends by the hour. This is the high-quality stuff in election analyses that has been so far reserved to the Western democracies.

This is how 5Forty3 describes itself:

As India heads into arguably the most decisive election of 21st century, we at Five Forty Three bring you the most comprehensive coverage of election analysis. Neutrality is our virtue and data is our religion. Tapping the vast network of our on-the-ground political pundits spread across more than a dozen Indian states and combining it with psephological inputs from an experts panel, we present a one-stop platform for all the election analysis that you would ever need.

They need your financial support to last through this long election cycle, and sustain beyond that. They do have a subscription service that will give you more number crunching than you’ve ever seen. It’s also very very cheap: $10 or Rs. 500, less than your movie ticket! Even if you’re remotely interested in politics, please do subscribe. You’ll thank me for saying this now before the first major phase on Thursday, April 10!

If you want to go a step further to donate to the cause, please do so here:


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